It is with a great deal of sadness that we have to announce that one of the most special beagles of all time has passed away.  Emily Lu, one of Ms. Rita's personal beagles, died on Wednesday March 26,2014.  Anyone who knows Rita or knows Emily Lu knows what a great loss this is and that she was one of a kind.   She was an agility champion, a lure coursing fool, she has been on tv and in the paper and even has a short story published about her.  She has terrorized and taught respect to hundreds of puppies and has helped trained hundreds of agility students.  She will be greatly missed...
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Hi folks.  A few updates for all you beagle lovers and those about to become beagle lovers.  We have available for adoption four beagles who have come to us through the veterinarian program at Virginia Tech!  We have three females and one male, all 1-2 years old, all spayed or neutered, up to date on all of their shots and ready for the forever home.  These dogs have been very well taken care of but they have done their work helping new vet students learn and now it is time for them to get forever homes.  We will have pics up in a few days but believe me they are very nice looking beagles.





Boy holding beagle in his arms.
"Hunting for Homes"
BTTR is a 501c3 charity dedicated to finding forever homes for beagles (and the occasional "wannabe" beagle), and to educating the public about responsible pet ownership. Our Contact Info is at the bottom of each page of this site.  We are proud to be a Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Adoption Partner.   CLICK HERE to visit Rally to Rescue's facebook page.    Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Logo





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